Jeff Haller to judge Heritage Hwy 136 Photography Contest

Boots grace the fenceposts on a field on the edge of Guide Rock

Heritage Highway 136 winds through Southern Nebraska in 238 scenic miles, which includes the town of Red Cloud, the childhood home of Pulizter-prize winning prairie-life author Willa Cather. Jeff Haller, who is also a Red Cloud native has been asked to judge the 2010 Heritage Highway Photography contest, along with photographer Jorn Olson, and artist Valerie Knobel, for the Heritage Highway 136 Byway Community.

This is the second time Haller has been asked to judge the contest, which seeks photography that expresses the cultural, archeological, historic, natural, scenic, or recreational aspects of the communities along the route, and boasts a grand prize package that includes a stay at the Yost Farm Cottage, a three room, modern cottage located on the edge of Red Cloud in the heart of Catherland.

“The towns along the highway offer a variety of visually interesting subjects, and culturally important ones as well,” Haller said.

“I grew up driving around, searching for scenes there myself. It’s really where I got my start in photography. I’m excited to see what the photographers come up with.”

Entries are due between March 15, 2010 and January 1, 2011. Send or deliver physical submissions to the Willa Cather Foundation, 413 N. Webster Street, Red Cloud, NE 68970, and email digital submissions to

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