Everglades Wilderness Waterway

If you know Jeff at all, you probably know how passionate he is about the outdoors. One of the many great things about living in Mobile is our easy access to the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, an area of diverse wetlands just north of Mobile Bay, which also happens to be the second largest river delta in the United States. In lieu of the mountains that Jeff loved when he lived in Colorado, we have both really embraced the wonderful kayaking opportunities this area affords.

But for awhile now, Jeff has had his eye on the Wilderness Waterway in Everglades National Park. It is a 99-mile through trail that spans the entire North-South length of the National Park from Everglades City to Flamingo, Fla., and over Christmas and New Year’s, we spent a week paddling the distance between.

Needless to say, it was a phenomenal experience. I kind of wish I was there right now. No computer, no cell phone, no gps, very little human interaction, very little walking (which probably didn’t help Jeff when he ran the First Light Marathon two weeks later), and lots and lots of paddling. The trip was amazing, and it rekindled our excitement to explore our Delta and the Bartram Canoe Trail, which is right in our backyard.

In that spirit, we are throwing our support behind the Alabama Hiking Trail Society, which is working to make a 550-mile through-hike across the state, starting at the beaches of Baldwin County. The Gulf Coast Chapter of Alabama Hiking Trail Society is looking for volunteers to help build the Alabama Trail. The more people who get involved, the sooner we’ll have nearby access to world-class hiking. Get in touch if you’d like to help!

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  1. Prudence says:

    Awesome photos! I am still amazed that yall did this!

  2. Hyunju says:

    Amazing! They make me tear up! Seventh picture was immediately made into my background image (w/o your permission)!

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