Caring for your photos

Caring for your photos: Custom prints and keepsakes of valuable wedding photography by Keyhole Photo in Mobile, Alabama.You’ve made the memories, now it’s time to make them last. Caring for your photos is an essential step to guarantee that future generations will be able to enjoy the same moments you lived. The story of your wedding day is just beginning.

Your digital photographs are important. Make sure you protect them from accidental loss. Please read the following advice to help ensure that you will be able to enjoy your images for generations to come.

Preserving your images

Digital files will be around as long as you take care of them. The image files from Keyhole Photo are in JPEG format, a file format that has been around since 1992. As technology evolves, which is inevitable, make sure you make new copies of your wedding files onto new hardware. Remember floppy drives? Remember CD-R’s? They came and went. One day, we’ll probably say the same about USB drives. The files, however, will live on as long as you keep copying them to your latest device.

Make sure to make at least one offsite copy of all the image files. With wedding photos, it’s wise to share them with other family members that live somewhere else. That way, your image files will survive any future natural disasters and computer crashes. A great offsite option is to use one of the many cloud services available nowadays.

Our print products

We offer a variety of print sizes and types that we make right here in Mobile, Alabama. We use archival paper and pigment inks. While the prints are made to last generations to come, good handling and storage techniques will help contribute to their longevity.

Prints exposed directly to light are more susceptible to a color shift over time. Most people frame prints under glass, which offers protection from the degrading ultraviolet radiation. If you will not be framing prints, storage in a dark place will slow down the color shift.