up in the air

Meet Erik Kloeker, juggler extraordinaire. After setting some kind of record of more than four minutes of upside-down juggling, some Cincinnati State students interviewed him for a TV show. I thought it was clever to interview him upside down.

happy autumn

It’s been a very dry summer here. It seems early to be talking about fall colors here, but it does seem that leaves are changing earlier this year. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a useful website where you … Read More

Natural Bridge

Another image from Natural Bridge in Kentucky. When people ride the Sky Lift to the top, this is one of the viewpoints that is about a one-minute walk from the top of the lift.  


Natural Bridge State Park Kentucky Sky Lift, $8 roundtrip shortcut to the top to see Natural Bridge. Or better yet, it can be hiked for free.

solder city

My Marantz PMD660 digital recorder was acting up again recently, cutting in and out when I would monitor sound through the headphone jack. The same thing happened last year while the product was still under warranty, and they very quickly … Read More

proceed with caution

The day before Meggan and I were married, we hiked up South Boulder Peak in preparation for our planned trip up Longs Peak. Along the way we ran into this little guy, who refused to get out of the way. … Read More

back in athens

My former town of Athens, Ohio, was such an intriguing and cool place. Meggan and I were just in town for a short while Saturday, and it was nice to be back for a visit. While we were there, we … Read More

head to head

I photographed my first soccer game in quite some time this afternoon. It was kind of fun. I used a Nikon D2H with a 300mm and a 1.4x teleconverter. Not quite ideal, but it was kind of fun shooting Nikon … Read More