Selma, Alabama

Bridge Crossing Jubilee,  an annual commemoration of the civil rights voting march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Cincinnati’s Riverfest

Cincinnati’s Riverfest celebration on Labor Day weekend is touted as one of the largest fireworks shows around. The banks of the Ohio River become more and more crowded as people gather to see the evening show.

Fat Tuesday takedown

When things were winding down for Mardi Gras in Mobile last night, there was a big police presence. About all I will say about this picture is be careful what you say around a large group of cops.

Chief Red Cloud in Mobile

Imagine my surprise last night when Chief Red Cloud, the namesake of my hometown in Nebraska, made an appearance on the front of a float in the Infant Mystics parade last night in downtown Mobile. I probably wouldn’t have known … Read More