Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a barrier island at the mouth of Mobile Bay, not too far from Mobile. We were there this evening, where I saw this bird hanging out in the surf after sunset.


Meggan and I were in Chicago a couple of months ago right before the Chicago Marathon. Walking by the lakeshore we saw this guy on his cell phone, dwarfed by the buildings behind him.

more fun than video games

A nice sunset and the Cincinnati skyline sure made a good background as these boys tried to fish an abandoned boat out of the edge of the Ohio River. They eventually were successful in pulling the vessel from the water, … Read More

you sunk my battleship

There was some nice fog out tonight, so Meggan and I couldn’t resist a quick stop by the USS Alabama. We couldn’t get very close to it, as the park where it sits is closed at night, but it was … Read More

the middle of everywhere

The geographic center of the 48 contiguous states is this interesting little spot outside of Lebanon, Kansas, 18 miles from my hometown of Red Cloud, Nebraska. It’s a mile off of U.S. Highway 281, so it’s really kind of in … Read More

up in the air

Meet Erik Kloeker, juggler extraordinaire. After setting some kind of record of more than four minutes of upside-down juggling, some Cincinnati State students interviewed him for a TV show. I thought it was clever to interview him upside down.

happy autumn

It’s been a very dry summer here. It seems early to be talking about fall colors here, but it does seem that leaves are changing earlier this year. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a useful website where you … Read More

Natural Bridge

Another image from Natural Bridge in Kentucky. When people ride the Sky Lift to the top, this is one of the viewpoints that is about a one-minute walk from the top of the lift.