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proceed with caution

The day before Meggan and I were married, we hiked up South Boulder Peak in preparation for our planned trip up Longs Peak. Along the way we ran into this little guy, who refused to get out of the way. … Read More

back in athens

My former town of Athens, Ohio, was such an intriguing and cool place. Meggan and I were just in town for a short while Saturday, and it was nice to be back for a visit. While we were there, we … Read More

head to head

I photographed my first soccer game in quite some time this afternoon. It was kind of fun. I used a Nikon D2H with a 300mm and a 1.4x teleconverter. Not quite ideal, but it was kind of fun shooting Nikon … Read More

Archiving Workflow

I’ve been doing a lot of archiving the last couple of days, and a friend was asking me questions about it last night, so I thought I’d share what my workflow is. First, I’ll start off with what I do … Read More

pulling out of the driveway

I hadn’t been to Ottawa very long yesterday before I met Kevin, who had a boat and was getting ready to head down the street to his home. He had to get his cat, who was high and dry and … Read More

Ohio under water

I spent the day yesterday photographing the flood of the Blanchard River in Ottawa, Ohio. Members of the Imm family, who were kind enough to let me ride along with them while they boated into town, suffered extensive flooding to … Read More

cemetery sentinel

On the way back to my grandparents’ old place in Red Cloud, I happened to see a dog sitting just inside the cemetery. I actually stopped thinking that as soon as I got out of my car this pup would … Read More