shell planting

Gordon Wright took me out with Derek Wainwright, and Wright’s sixteen-year-old grandson, Drew Wright, to photograph shell planting. Basically, oystermen like Gordon are paid to take boat-loads of oyster shells to a designated area and dump them into the Gulf … Read More

oyster surveys

I went out with Jason Herrmann, a biologist with the Alabama Marine Resources Division, Bayou La Batre Mayor Stan Wright, and Wright’s brother, oysterman Gordon Wright, while they surveyed the bottom of Mobile Bay for the health of the oyster populations … Read More

on the farm

I had the chance to spend some time with Cliff and Suzie Delcambre yesterday. The Delcambres ranch 35 or so cows on their 80 acres just outside of Bayou La Batre. Cliff came to ranching after a long career as … Read More

Photo Booth 101

Here’s the deal with Photo Booth: it’s just plain fun. We set it up, complete with white or black seamless backdrop (or feel free to create your own), and you take the pictures. As many as you want. However you … Read More

fleet blessing

Blessing of the Fleet was last weekend. Jeff and I had never seen it before, though I had heard about it many times in the past. We were there all day because it seemed important to the story — symbolically … Read More


Lucille Zirlott Park was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. It has been re-opened and stays pretty busy this time of year.


The Aubriegh Marie is back from weeks out in the Gulf. Brent Zirlott says that his shrimp is about as fresh as it gets.  


I thought Good Friday would be a great day to visit a seafood restaurant. The Lighthouse in Bayou La Batre has been around a long time. The food and the company are good. Kendall Stork, the owner, told me that … Read More