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Sunset Light On St Andrew's in the Square in Glasgow, Scotland

Scottish independence

Polls are open in Scotland today on a referendum on whether or not they will become an independent country, splitting from the United Kingdom. Meggan and I spent some time in Scotland this summer, and really loved it. A few … Read More

Memorial Building At Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

the other Lincoln memorial

In the rolling green hills and woods of Kentucky, south of Louisville are a couple of historic sites worth checking out. Both sites are part of the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park. The first is Lincoln’s boyhood home at … Read More

The Do-It-All Pants: Anatomie Skylar

Call me crazy, but I want a pair of pants that can do it all—business meeting, long-haul flight, days on the trail without a wash, dry overnight on the towel rack in a hotel bathroom, all-day work assignment, yoga (yes, … Read More